Bollywood … who is responsible for my untimely death? – Sushant

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Who is responsible fot Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death?

The time for which 130 crore Indians were eagerly wating has now come. For the past 8 months
question that was repeatedly coming to the mind of every indian was – ‘Wo subha kabhi to aayegi
ya aayegi hi nahi’

For all those emotional and patriotic citizens of India, the good news is coming
now. Yes, after the FRI in SSR’s case, the charge sheet is filed today. In the case of Sushant’s suicide
v/s homicide. The process of justice is now on its way, and I am sure that SSR will definitely get the

Bollywood and Drug Connection?

May be from high on the sky, Sushant is asking Bollywood, ‘who is really responsible for my untimely
– My depression? my pressure of performance or my pressure of getting success? ‘Kambakt
ishq’? the Bollywood and drug connection? the big bosses and their nepotism? the confused
Bollywood working under the influence of the underworld? For the god sake please tell me who is
responsible for my death?’

“Reel life and Real life are different”

Listen, the common man has sufficient evidence to believe that you, the star, the superstar, the
mega star, the super doper star, the boss, the big boss trying to project themselves as the saviour of
the common man and becoming the star, are not even the worth the of dust of the shoes, because
there is a vast difference between what they say and what they do.

They are everyday raising a question against the society, system, professionals, bureaucrats, police,
politicians, traders, and at the end in the reel life they prove that all this people are thief, dishonest
and the only honest and patriotic people are themselves

But in the real life it is the reverse. People
know up to extent they could go. Unfortunately, they do not know the reality as they are
intoxicated, what they say is “Hum kahe vo sach, janta kahe vo juth, humko sab muaaf, julm ho ke

But remember now the nation is changing, every citizen is awake. Gobble’s principles that ‘if you tell
lies 1000 times it will be believed as the truth’ has gone with the wind. Gobbles are no more existing
in India at least.
Still there is time, you can confess publicly that ‘I was never taking drugs, I am not taking drugs and I
will never take drugs.’ Confess today ‘that I will never work with a druggist and will never strengthen
the anti-national forces and underworld.

The way in which I look like in reel world, I would try to
look like in the real world as well.’ This will be the real homage to the departed soul of late Sushant
Sigh Rajputh.
Jai Hind.