Brian who entered P.K said ‘I will ruin him’


When stressful and painful events occur in a person’s life over and over then he loses his strength to bear and face them. In order to get freedom from such a painful situation the person’s conscious mind tries to forget his entire personality for some time and the person dissociates from his root nature and acquires another form.  Here is a true story of P.K.

P.K means a talented and a majestic personality. P.K. who became an industrialist being the son of a simple teacher had been on a thorny road throughout his life. A lover of hard work and one who had an iron like morale P.K. would grow trees of money in whatever he placed his hands on. His friends identify him as a magical man who has ‘Midas touch’. Since money multiplied in P.K.’s business the investors used to remain eager to invest in his business. The attitude of P.K. was such that amidst the trade cycle of the market he used to regularly pay the returns to the investors.

The one who was used to being roaring like a lion P.K had changed from some time. One day on account of a sudden chest pain he was moved to the hospital. It was declared that the heart of P.K. was absolutely normal after the examination of blood X-ray teats, Eco and Angiography. But P.K. who had ‘burned out’ due to stress and fatigue was advised to take rest. P.K. who remained constantly active seemed more tired and week instead of freshening up by resting. The friends and relatives of P.K. were worried looking at his condition. P.K who become weaker day by day without any activity was not even able to sleep well. P.K. seemed more sick due to lack of sleep and appetite.

One afternoon when the people of the house were not around while P.K was watching TV he felt a sudden fright, his entire body started hurting and his head started to throb. In a few moments his entire body started shivering, P.K started shaking and started saying while shouting, ‘I am Brian…I am there to help P.K…He will be on the top of the world…’

The family members were shocked looking at this form of P.K. All the relatives were of educated and cultured society. That’s why they could not believe all this quickly. Some people suggested that P.K. is mentally disturbed. He must be given a psychiatric treatment. But a person like P.K. who has a strong will power and iron like psyche cannot become mentally weak. It was also suggested that it might be something from outside and action was taken in that direction.

Opinion of conjurers and sorcerers was taken. Temple, dargah, threads, amulets etc., was done. It was assumed that someone has entered P.K’s body. After all this procedures the shaking of P.K. increased. During the day when P.K. got the attacks of shaking for 2-3 times the said Brian who had entered his body spoke weird things. Sometimes who would claim that there was some supernatural power behind P.K.’s success while sometimes he would say that he has come to destroy P.K.

When the conjurers would make P.K. shake, P.K. would say in the presence of his friend circle and relatives, ‘I am Brian…I have come to ruin P.K. In reality P.K was able to make money due to my powers and you all got big return on your investments. Now I will destroy P.K…You will lose all your money. I pity P.K…Poor P.K…He will get exposed…It was my Midas touch and not his. Now you will have to find me Brian for all your money and not P.K…Poor P.K.’ P.K. used to rant out in a stylish English like a foreigner.

The news spread in the market. There is the effect of Brian’s spirit on P.K. which caused him a heart attack. His body started weakening. Now it was for sure that he would become bankrupt. The investors got involved in calculating their money. Some people gathered to acquire the information of P.K.’s property. Most of the people in the market had sympathy for P.K. The transactions of his past were crystal clear. Some people even said that take P.K. out from the influence of this spirit. He won’t let anyone lose their money. Hence all the people made maximum efforts to remove the spirit of Brian from P.K.’s body.

But as the efforts of the people increased and the remedies to remove the spirit increased, the shaking of P.K. also increased. At the end accepting the only option of psychiatry was felt appropriate by the family members.

Based on the symptoms of his illness and history it was decided that P.K. suffered from ‘dissociative disorder’. When stressful and painful events occur in a person’s life over and over then he loses his strength to bear and face them. In order to get freedom from such a painful situation the person’s conscious mind tries to forget his entire personality for some time and the person dissociates from his root nature and acquires another form. In this way a person dissociates from his base form and attains a new form temporarily. It is identified as ‘dissociative disorder’.

Sometimes one feels a terrible mental shock while sometimes he suffers from attacks of oblivion, archetype, or multiverse personality which is identified as dissociative disorder. According to the people it was important to find out the external circumstances that made P.K. incapable of bearing the worry, sadness and depression who had an iron like psyche. Sittings were organized to get a step by step information on which incidents of the conscious mind that developed worry and mental agony in the mind of P.K. which he had to push into his sub conscious mind and to find the factors responsible for such attacks.

P.K who was stuck in the recession of the market had fitted in his mind that he would not be able to pay the people their money let alone the return on it. It was not possible for P.K. to live his life in such a pitiful and damned situation who had lived his entire life roaring like a lion. Brian was a character built up by his sub conscious mind which could save the helpless P.K. from the contempt of others.

P.K. was made to understand that accepting the circumstances and his own limitations as a human will help him take the first step in the direction of solving the problem. After that what can be done and how to move forward by taking lessons from the mistake can be thought of.

The said spirit of Brian was removed after giving medications for depression and dissociative disorder, but P.K. accepted the fact that solving the other questions relating to increasing recession of the market will take time. Now he had obtained the necessary mental strength to bear the horror of the recession and take steps to get back what was lost. P.K. had understood that don’t run but fight against a situation.


Realizing that he will not be able to cope up with the pressure of the financial recession Brian entered P.K. Now the personality of P.K. would remain intact as the troubles would be created by Brian. This act of sub conscious mind of dissociating oneself and giving oneself to spirits has got some specific purpose behind it.