Do you blame your self for your actions and behaviour?

blame your self

Do you blame your self for your actions and behaviour?

Do you criticize yourself?

That is, if you are a mother, your children have bad habits, they are weak in studies, mostly use social media or gaming apps, then do you believe that you could not provide them successful motherhood, due to which Are your kids like this?

If you are a student, your parents have tried a lot to make your studies career successful, have given you the best tuition, still you are not able to get good marks, you do not fulfil the dreams and aspirations of the parents. That’s why you curse yourself?

You are honest in your business. Working hard, yet your business is not succeeding as it should, so you try to hold yourself responsible, criticize yourself?

Such people who are filled with desperation constantly criticize themselves and feel guilty about themselves, they keep on blaming themselves.

That’s why I will insist that if you are depressed, then it is your own consent along with the external circumstances and chemical changes of the mind, because the more you curse yourself, the more you will become solitary savvy, your nature will become moody, even if your circumstances are not serious, your upset mood will spoil your whole day. You will get very angry over small things and your relations with others will also deteriorate.

What is your fault if your child is weak? If there is a deficiency in your upbringing, find out and rectify it. But stop cursing yourself.

If your marks are not good, then find out the reasons for it. If you do try yourself, then you can give 100% in your studies by applying concentration in studies.

If your business doesn’t work despite all your efforts, instead of blaming yourself, recognise, observe and reorganize your skills.

Remember those who curse themselves, they can never move forward, if you have staked any horse in the race, then will you call it Buck up or will you say that your legs are weak, why are you not like anyone else?

If you want to win the race of life, then don’t criticize yourself, stop blaming yourself and consider yourself guilty.

stop blame your self