Baba the super spreader of superstitions.


Baba-pathy v/s Allopathy: Baba the super spreader of superstitions.

Ramdev Baba is continuously commenting on allopathy. People need to know about Ramdevbaba and his unscientific, baseless claims.

There are certain straight questions to Baba.

1. Every year 31 Lakh students appear for Board Exams in 12th Standard with Biology as a subject. Out of them more than half dream to be an MBBS that is an allopathic doctor. This is a dream of the entire family. This means that every year 15 million and in 10 years 150 million dream to be an allopathic doctor. I question baba…are all these Indians against their own culture, Hindu religion and are promoters of conversion to Christianity? Its wrong to divide treatment of patients on basis of religion. Remember religion of a doctor is well being of their patient and they do not belong to a sect or religion.
2. You may malign allopathy by creating an allopathy vs Ayurveda situations and use uncultured language but remember that toppers in exam will take admission in allopathy and no one can stunt the growth of allopathy.
3. Is it proper to make your line bigger by abusing anyone or a branch. Is it Indian culture?
4. The most unfortunate statement by Baba is that he is not going to take a vaccine and neither his followers take a vaccine. By giving such statement he is directly criticizing the vaccine policy by Government of India and the vaccine drive by Prime Minister of India. Baba should also know that Bharat Biotech research of vaccine is Indian and Bhartiya which truly depicts the spirit of Indian Progress and culture. This is not anti-national. Contrary to this PM wanted to be a world leader in Vaccines. Are you challenging all these things and going against the country simply to sell your products? Is this a sedition? Is your cheap publicity aimed at profiteering?


5. You are claiming that those who have taken your immunity booster and coronil kit have survived virus and those who have not taken are inflicted with virus or dead. Baba do you have genuine research data or a survey? I tell you authentically that those who have neglected the virus thinking that your immunity boosters will save them have fallen sick and reported to the hospital at the last stage hence your malafied intention is only responsible for death due to virus
6. Ramdev Baba treatment of this illness requires a license. Your Patanjali stores are dispatching your products after diagnosing the disease by your own trainees Please share their qualification
7. Baba Ramdev you are presenting yourself as a face of Ayurveda which is an age old science, i am surprised and shocked that ayurvedic associations and council have refrained themselves from commenting or supporting you. You are saying that ayurvedic doctors are looked down by allopathic doctors remember that nobody can look down upon you unless and until you do not have faith confidence and mistrust in your treatment. I am a psychiatrist does that make me inferior to a surgeon. NO…with my commitment to my science i have self-esteem and self-confidence to treat my patients. Remember that inferiority complex come from ones own psyche and mind.
8. Baba you say that you will convert 1000 allopathic doctors to Ayurveda, with all due respects to Ayurveda i appeal you to make an open survey how many ayurvedic PR actioners are actually treating their patients only by allopathy medicines. Government has also announced a bridge course for them to practice allopathy. First of all convert all of them to practice pure Ayurveda as this will actually give respect to Ayurveda than only you can be a world leader.  Baba you have insulted the entire fraternity who fought he pandemic by your several statements in these days. i consider this as a cheap publicity and your motive to spread superstition. You have violated the law of the land. You have brazenly attacked the sacrifice of the healthcare workers is this your Bhartiya culture?
sorry this is not the culture of my nation.